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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rainbow Sister Convicted of LSD Charges

This really bums me out. Apparently this young mother will serve two years in federal prison for non-violent LSD charges.

First of all, taking LSD to a rainbow gathering is like bringing beer to Oktoberfest. This woman is certainly no danger to others--she should be released and her cell given to some violent criminal.

The Rainbow family exercises the right to peaceably assemble on public lands in an annual annual event which culminates in a silent prayer for world peace on the morning of July 4th.

Every year they must endure harassment by local, state, and federal law enforcement and park rangers, while trying to get to and from the gathering site. Mounted patrols often go through the area looking for people to arrest on drug charges. At last year's Wyoming event it was reported that there was a confrontation between park rangers and rainbows. It was reported that some rainbows threw rocks and sticks at the armed patrols, but few rainbows believe it.