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Thursday, December 9, 2010


This guy opened a restaurant with robot waiters:

Here is the link: ROBOT WAITERS

He eventually plans to replace his cooks with robots too. Maybe our society is going through growing more and more people become unemployed, the automated workplaces continue to grow. Companies are running with constantly shrinking staffs--When is the last time you called your bank and got a human on the phone? We need humans on the phone!  Some would say it is a shame to put humans out of work, but I think it is a good thing (as long as it isn't a phone operator position). Why shouldn't we finally start to allow our technology to work for us? Why shouldn't we allow each and every human to benefit from the resources we have been squandering in name of greed? Why shouldn't we allow our technology to set people free, instead of using it to control a displaced work force for the benefit if the super-wealthy?

Maybe companies will start hiring people for jobs where we really want to deal with a humans and start leaving the crap jobs for robots--it's about time, I say! I hated being a waiter! Now, I understand that some people may enjoy waiting tables, and I am sure the demand for human waiters will still be there for those who want to do the job and those who like to receive the service of another human being. And, maybe they will start to be compensated in a way that is more appropriate for what has been called one of the most stressful professions that a person can have.

In my opinion, there is no reason why we shouldn't all be living like kings with the technology we have...too many greedy people have been screwing the poor and enjoying the fruits of their labor! People shouldn't have to do menial tasks anymore unless they want to, and if they do, they should be compensated fairly.

One would probably have to be stupid to buy this book, but it is not always a bad idea to know what kind of twisted reasoning the right is using to come to their bizarre philosophical conclusions...