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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve

In my humble opinion, the Federal Reserve Act was and is the biggest continuing rip-off in the history of the world. This Video is offers a great explanation on how this epic crime was orchestrated and sold to the American people. The US Constitution was actually amended to allow for this scam. A really good book on the subject, Goodbye April 15th, was written under the pen-name, Boston T. Party--it is a little outdated, but still a very true and great explanation of the Federal Reserve Confidence Scam.

The truth shall set you free!

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    The basic Wars of Economic Stimulus, of Markets and Resources has already been laid out by the American-Israeli Empire, [MIC} Military Industrial Complex time table for the entire [21st] Century.

    [1st] The Islamic Crescent will be occupied, with the intent of Ringing the Underbelly of the Russian Federation, and then building a Naval Base in Karachi Pakistan, to confront China in the Sea of China.

    [2nd] South America to stop the Brazilian Sphere of Influence from developing;


    Separately, a consortium of Russian oil companies and Venezuelan state oil company [PDVSA, pronounced Peh-deh-VEH-sah, Petroleums of Venezuela, is the Venezuelan state owned petroleum company. signed an agreement establishing a joint venture to develop the [Junin 6] oil field along Venezuela’s Orinoco River.

    Russian media reports ahead of Chavez’s visit said Venezuela was seeking to buy [T-72] and [T-90] tanks, Kilo-class diesel-powered submarines, [BMP-3] armored vehicles, [Mi-28] helicopters and land-based anti-ship missiles.

    In recent years Venezuela has signed over [$4B/€2.75B] four billion dollars/ Two-Point-Seven-Five Billion Euros, worth of arms contracts with Russia, and last November its navy held joint exercises with Russian warships in the Caribbean, traditionally seen as a Empire domain.


    The island has suffered a sharp decline its revenues from tourism as well as mineral and tobacco exports. Venezuela – an Opec member – is already an important source of energy and trade to the Caribbean island, which repays part of its oil bill by providing the services of [40K] Forty-thousand, professional workers.

    Last year trade between the [2] two countries was at around [$5.26b/ €3.6B] Five-Point-Twenty-Six Billion Dollars/ Three-Point-Six-Billion Euros, in [2008], the Reuters news agency reported.


    President Alvaro Uribe granted American-Israeli Empire, Military Industrial Complex military and civilian personnel access to [7] seven Colombian military bases for the purpose of training Colombian troops and police, and assisting in the fight against narco-traffickers and leftist guerrillas (FARC) Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army
    Approximately [800] Eight-hundred American troops and [600] Six- Hundred civilian contractor will be granted access to these bases and will enjoy diplomatic immunity during their stay in Colombia.

    The Empire has no choice but to use the Peace thru War, Pre-emptive war of Economic Stimulus, as a last ditch effort to stop its becoming a third world country by [2020], as its Demographics, Economic, and Military power are in a sharp decline in Geo-International leverage.

    Its now or never again for the American-Israeli Empire, so let the wars of Peace thru Wars of Economic Stimulus of Markets and Resources continue as long as the American-Israeli Empire is allowed to exit, and the Community of Nations does nothing to end both the wars and the Empire.

    So what can we really say about Obama’s foreign policy? It has begun the end of [NATO] The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and begun a hugh arms build up of the Community of Nations, with growing numbers seeking Nuclear Weapons and the means to deliver them around the globe, we know where the next wars will be and what the [21st] Century could look like if the Imperial Media Messiah President of the Empire doesn't start [WWIII] World War Three, first a Re-dux of the [20th] Century with the Empire killing millions of more citizens of this planet while threatening the existence of mankind on the little Blue Orb in the Milky Way System, death by a Nuclear Winter.



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