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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Smokeless Cigarette New Technological Breakthrough?

I thought this was pretty neat! I sure wish they had those back when I was quitting smoking...

I gave up cigarettes back in 2003 and I am pretty sensitive to cigarette smoke now. When a friend of mine who was visiting took out one of these devices and started pulling away at it in my apartment, I was pleasantly surprised to learn I couldn't detect any smell at all. He said he was very happy that it didn't threaten his health like regular cigarettes, and in fact he didn't miss smoking at all!

If you are interested in getting a smokeless cigarette for yourself or learning more about these new products, below are some good options:

SmokeStik - Alternative Smoking

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  1. Really cool post. Thanks to new technology. Smokeless Cigarette contain artificial tobacco which is not injurious to health. How Fantastic!


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