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Saturday, May 22, 2010


This video is both amazing and frightening. One wonders what kind of damage was done to the roof of the house these people were in. As global warming increases rapidly, the weather all over the world is changing in drastic and alarming ways. I would love to hear what you think about this...there is a comment form below this entry.



  1. Baseball-size hail in tornado alley isn't that uncommon. I'm sure you could find video from storm chasers who have their windshields totally busted from large hail.

    In fact, April averaged LOWER than normal severe weather activity. And NO major Atlantic hurricanes developed last season.

    This is what this dude has to say from the linked article above: "While last year, El Nino was credited for the low activity, there has been a trend in the past few years on the downward slide of severe storm reports. Advanced technology can be attributed to improved forecast and warnings shared with the public, but that does not account for the fact that dire claims with the Climate Change movement have not come true. Sure there will be busy years and quiet years for all sorts of extreme weather, but that is all variable. We need to look at the big pictures an recognize patterns rather than make claims of endless trends."
    And this is what the one comment states: "It's one of the greatest misconceptions about global warming, that it would somehow cause more severe weather. I don't know if that originated from Al Gore, but the opposite is true, and even the IPCC studies support this."

    So it seems that perhaps the lack of severe weather is an indication of climate change.

    It's all good to me, I love weather and find it all interesting. I watch The Weather Channel more than any others. And what I would say to that woman who was all sad her plants were destroyed....can't beat mother nature :D.

  2. @Incog. Wow! Excellent comment, thank you!


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