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Saturday, November 13, 2010



THE CLASH, one of my very favorite bands, released the album SANDINISTA, on December 12, 1980. They had the ability to make political statements that were at the same time very entertaining and listenable. The message of this song is just as true today as it was when it was made. Why do people continue to believe the lies they are fed by the American War Machine?

When you are watching the news on television, try to read between the lines and figure out the real reason why the particular story you are seeing has been chosen for air-time. News shows make their money the same way any other television program does--through advertising dollars. They are trying to sell you something indirectly. There are great forces at work behind every story you are fed.

For example, that is why we heard nothing about what a terrible man Saddam Hussein was, back when the U.S. set him up as the leader of Iraq. It wasn't until he stopped doing what he was told by his masters in the United States and Great Britian that we started to hear stories about how he was violating human rights, killing his own people, etc.

That is why I love the internet. It allows people to share stories more freely and with less corporate and political interference from the powers that be.

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