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Friday, January 30, 2009

Anarchists and the Love of Anonymity

I suspect that whether they know it or not, a good portion of my readers are anarchists. I realize that people have different ideas about what the word "anarchy" means. To me, anarchy is the belief and practice that things will work out the way they are supposed to without one person telling another what they should or should not do. I do understand the necessity of a civil police force: Not only to occupy those who could as a group become a social problem, but also to restrain and isolate people who are dangerous to others or destructive of others' property.

An anarchist necessarily believes in free speech, because free communications allow groups reach concensus and from societal norms. Although, I do like to know who is posting on my pages, I have always had a distaste for these blogs and sites that force you to divulge a lot of information about yourself if you want to post your opinion. I believe it to be contrary to that part of the constitution that protects the right of a free press. Of course I will remove hateful, racist, or obscene entries from my pages, but I hate to do even that and I strongly believe in the individual's right to anonymous self-expression.

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