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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Reader Comments

I started this blog with a different (and rather pricey) web-host. While I had the site with the previous host I received several comments. Not wanting to lose them and to honor those who were so kind to comment, I shall re-post them here:

Be the change!

I dig it! Be the change! BTW, we're all totally lost, and we are each on the path we need to be on.
December 6, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterone of god's eyeballs

The Stories of the Seekers Bring Gifts to the Witness

I had a chance to check out the gallery of images we had spoken about on the phone last month. As I looked on, I imagined you traveling the environs in search of metaphors for that which has been such a personal part of your life experience. The narrative you include makes that clear in a intimately touching fashion, something which I know takes much courage, not only confront, but to express to others...
This last Thanksgiving I recalled an improvised lunch we managed to put together among friends some 22 or 23 years ago in Santa. It was a moment in time when our birth family's realities were put aside in order to celebrate our chosen family's needs. We came together in communion and celebration of that which we have found along our lives' paths. Today, I see you are still celebrating and honoring that which God/Goddess places in your new path up 'yonder. I applaud you for it, Amigo Dave.
December 7, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJuanito

Green Goo in the Money Machine ( oil from algae )

Hello all. My post is about the current state of the world due to pollution, global warming, international corporations, unemployment and chronic shortages of gasoline and one possible solution that gets at the roots of all of these.
I first heard of algae as a source of energy on the Discovery Science Channel. The fact that it was being showcased there gives me hope that this new technology may sometime in the near future become reality. I have always been an avid follower of science. I have several times been disappointed to see good technology be used to reinforce the status quo. My best hope is that this technology I am going to discuss is used for the betterment of all people everywhere and that it helps to share the wealth of the petroleum industry with more working class people as it is developed. I haven't fully researched everyone involved in this project but I know for sure that a group named Sapphire Energy , , is at the lead of this development and that there are several think tank organizations and finance organizations involved and I want to credit them all with their work now. Having said that I want to list the multitude of advantages this new industry has over fossil fuels and how it could change the face of the global political scene for the better in a hurry should it be developed to it's full potential. Algae. Why on earth could it be algae? As we move away from fossil fuel towards renewable energy sources several faults immediately emerge. If we try to use ethanol for a replacement energy source it quickly becomes obvious that major changes have to be made to infrastructure to handle the ethanol. The primary feedstock for ethanol, corn, is currently used to produce food and thus using these crops to produce fuel in turn causes food to be displaced from the mouths of hungry people. Also using corn to produce ethanol is not very efficient and uses land that is already under cultivation. Other alternatives such as switchgrass and plants with oil bearing seeds either don't yield the proper product or take up land that is already used for something else. Algae does none of these things. Matter of fact the method that has been proposed to grow the algaeal colonies could be located in the high desert of eastern California or on the site of an abandoned strip mine in Appalachia. It can literally be grown anywhere there is sunlight and it is warm enough to not freeze. Imagine a crop that yields 50% of its biomass in the form of oil that is chemically equivalent to light sweet crude and low sulpher to boot. It can be used in the oil refineries we already have and the end product is gasoline, not biodiesel. You grow it and extract the oil and with no further modification it is ready to send to the refinery and presto you can make gasoline from it directly. It really spurs my imagination! Imagine; replaceable , high grade crude oil that is produced in the United States. Imagine everyone that is here regardless of their emigration status being able to work building the production facilities or in support industries that make the components. Imagine a fuel production process that REMOVES CO2 from the air as it produces fuel. Imagine OPEC being forced to halt fossil fuel production for good because now we can have a closed loop in the carbon cycle. Yep, you read that right, we may be able in just the next few years to not only not care when OPEC lowers production but actually be in a position to BAN the use of fossil fuels all together. We have enough CO2 in the atmosphere already to more than supply the needs of the algae and once the system is in place we would have capped the release of CO2 forever as the algae absorbs it from the atmosphere as it grows and we release it for recycling as it is used. Algae uses more kinds of pollution during it's growth cycle than just CO2. It also biodegrades many of the pollutants that are found in sewage as well. Just imagine a new world! It blows my mind. A technology that makes as much sense in the US as it would in China. A technology that allows us to have all the fuel we want without fear of polluting the atmosphere and that uses the pollution we generate to grow. Imagine putting the evil, propped up governments of the middle east back down where they belong on the world stage. No more money for countries that stab us in the back with it. It seems like a dream come true. At any rate check out oil from algae and Sapphire here on the web and draw your own conclusions. I don't know about you but I'm tired of hearing the tired old OPEC song and I also want the world to be able to overcome global warming and hunger and war, not to mention seeing the US economy back in better shape. Thanks Dave for letting me share this and thanks anyone that took the time to read it. Plant a seed. Oh yeah and one more thing, algae makes oxygen as a by product as it is photosynthetic!
December 20, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterFrank W.

homeless (?) people

I have worked for Sharing and Caring in a small Florida city and have found that 90% of the people that came in and got free food, clothes and a shower were repeats and usually were passing thru to find a warmer climate or police that ignored their panhandling, drinking, boozing and drug habits. IN other words, they were using the system to enjoy their bummy lifestyles. Most here live under the bridges and have not worked for months or years and don't intend to work but continue their ways until they die. Some are even military vets that have pensions or other means of support but abuse alcohol, drugs and always have cigarettes to burn. About 10% are truly needed without work and want to improve but don't have the qualifications or education to get a decent job --- those are the truly needy.
January 5, 2009 | Unregistered Commentergatorboy
Maybe it is you who is truly needy....
January 5, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterLizardMan
I for one found this to be a powerful, well thought, painful, honest and enlightening blog... :)
January 20, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAngelworker

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