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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Phelps With Bong (Don't Apologize)

It is not disgraceful for an athlete to smoke pot. Grass is not a "performance enhancing drug" such as steroids. If anything, the photo of Michael Phelps with a bong only made him more human and thus more likable in my book. I was however, a little disappointed by his hast to apologize for his behavior.

When will we stop punishing people for being human? Pot has been a part of civilization for as long as civilization itself.


  1. Ok, good comment about Phelps. Now, here is something constructive to do about it. DPA (Drug Policy Alliance Network) has implemented a campaign to convince Kellog's to retract their negative statements about Phelps, and renew their sponsorship. Go here to participate:

    If you are serious about this issue, you should also join DPA and participate in their other projects.



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