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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Dave Show

The first installment of my latest project. I will create a page devoted to my video entries and link it to FreetheGods.

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  1. some of the jobs you were talking about take allot of skill!!! how many people do you know that can cook ??? or use a transit, miter saw, square, nail gun, and a level ? i am sure it takes a few years of school to get a para legal degree, but man it can take a life time to be a good chef or a finish carpenter. none of the jobs you have done are unskilled. to be a waiter you have to kiss ass all day long. now there's is a skill that is really hard!!! lol i am sure you would go back to any of them if it meant eating still. times are hard and we will face some of the hardest obstacles yet. i hope you get what your looking for. its hard to have a job you do not love! peace man, jdtb out


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