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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ex-Police Chief Favors Legalizing All Drugs?

Law Enforcement Against Drug Prohibition I love this group of activist law enforcement officers who are in favor of legalizing drugs. I a put a link to their sight on this blog a long time ago, but this article written by their founder came to my attention this morning and I just had to share it with my readers--click here: Former Police Chief In Favor Of Legalizing All Drugs.

The drug war has cost society billions of dollars and has done nothing to prevent the spread of drugs in our culture. We now have the world's biggest prison population and it is still growing. Non-violent drug users are thrown into prison for years with violent, hardened criminals; they are forced either to learn the culture of violence or die in incarceration. If they survive long enough to be released back into society, they are no longer innocent pot-smoking kids--instead they are transformed into angry and dangerous criminals with little respect for a society that has treated them so unjustly. Write a letter to your representatives today and tell them to let the pot-heads out so there will be more room for the murderers and rapists in the world.

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