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Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Real Meaning of X-mas

This time of year holds special significance to almost all religions. Unfortunately, because we seldom look at the sky anymore the  real meaning of X-mas has been forgotten. This short excerpt from the movie "Zeitgiest" sheds light on the subject. Happy Holidays and best wishes for the New Year to all of you from all of me. Enjoy!


  1. Soglad you put this in your blog...more ppl will broaden their understanding of the WORLD by seeing this video...and the subsequent parts available on You Tube. Thanks for your output...Happy Return of the Sun to All!

  2. [DECEMBER 25, 1928 & 2009]

    Well, Xmas spirit is over now. Everybody can get back to their natural dispositions...

    Christmas will never be a real charity benefit till we learn to eat those Xmas cards. If we spent as much with the Salvation Army [2009 Charities] as we do the telegraph companies [2009 E-Mails, cost of using the computer one day] every Xmas, why the poor would be fat all winter.

    But we can all go back to work with a clear conscience. We fed 'em Xmas and New Year's; now all the poor have to do is just to fill in the few means till next Xmas.

    [Source: Will Rogers]

    After [81] eighty-one years, the dates have changed, but once again million [entire families children] are once again living in what would have to be called Obamavilles, and not Homerville’s, we don't use telegraphs dots and dashes, we use computer Zero’s and One's on micro chips, the salivation army kettles are still there the true picture of the American Dream, still the same nightmare. Eighty-years of Republican and Democratic Administrations, with children at Christmas wondering were their next meal, or roof will be over their tiny heads the day after until the next Christmas, just maybe they may find some Chinese food in a dumpster tomorrow the left over’s thrown out by some quarter-Jewish blogger guy, for a days meal.

    But tomorrow your conscience once again will be clear, and those poor souls will once again be nothing more than a nuisance, say buddie can you spare a buck, a dime ain't what it use to be.


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